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“By far, the funnest way to explore Maui”

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Kihei Moped Co Artwork site (Large)

“Such a unique perspective of the island”

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Kihei Moped Co Artwork site (Large)

“So easy to get to our favorite places”

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Rent a Moped or Scooter while visiting Maui

Moped Rentals


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49cc Moped



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2 Seater Scooter


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170cc scooter


2 Person Scooter



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1975 South Kihei Road, Unit 5  Kihei, Maui.  Right behind the 76 service station


Kihei Moped Company LLC is Maui’s premier moped rental, sales and maintenance company.


Enjoy riding on Maui’s beautiful roads, witness breathtaking scenery, and feel the cool island breeze as you explore Maui on your 2 passenger scooter or single rider moped from Kihei Moped Company, Maui’s top scooter and moped rental company.


Feel confident in the reliability and dependability of your Scooter or Moped rental as you explore different waterfalls, hiking trails, crystal clear snorkeling spots, and off the beaten path lookouts on this beautiful island. Let Kihei Moped Company help provide you with a memorable vacation experience, as we not only rent scooters, but provide first hand local knowledge on where to go and what you must check out during your stay here on Maui.


Everyone needs to be safe and know where they are going while they are on vacation, so Kihei Moped Company provides free helmets, locks, and a detailed island map for all of our renters. Everyone is given a lesson on how to operate their scooter or moped  and detailed instructions on how the bikes work and how they should be secured when they are unattended. We feel that if our customers are confident in the equipment they are riding, know how to safely operate the vehicle, and practice safe road etiquette, they will have a fun and memorable experience on Maui and with their Kihei Moped Company Moped or Scooter!

   Moped and Scooter Rentals









1. Do I need a motorcycle license to rent a moped?

No, you do not need a motorcycle license to rent a moped because it is under 50cc

2. Is a deposit required?

No, we do not take a security deposit so you don’t have to worry about tying up your credit card.

3. What is your cancellation policy?

We don’t charge any cancellation fees. If your plans change, don’t sweat it, we’re here for you when you’re ready.

4. Do you recommend making reservations?

Yes, reserving your rental vehicle is always a good idea to ensure that we have the vehicles and days requested, available for your rental.

5. How do I make a reservation?

You can call our office and speak to a Kihei Moped Company rental specialist or use the on-line reservation form above. Credit card information is required to secure your reservation so the best way to do this is by phone.

6. Can I rent the moped by the hour?

Yes we rent mopeds by the hour with a 3-hour minimum and we have great all day, overnight and weekly rates.

7. Where can I take the mopeds, scooters and motorcycles?

It’s legal to travel on any of the paved roads on the island. That being said, we strongly advise that you stay within the shaded areas on our map. We provide free road-side services in some areas, other areas incur a service fee.

8. Do I need to wear a helmet?

The State of Hawaii does not require helmets. Helmets are highly recommended and offered for free with every rental.

9. Do the mopeds/scooters come with locks?

Yes. Locks are provided with each rental.

10. Do you provide insurance?

Kihei Moped Company does not sell insurance. The renter is responsible for the vehicle during the rental period.

11. Can I return my rental early?

Yes, you may return the rentals at any time to our location or schedule an early pick up. There are no refunds for early returns.

12. Do you provide maps?

Yes, each rental comes with a free island map.

13. Do you have group rates?

Not at this time.

14. Can I have a passenger on my moped?

Hawaii state law prohibits any person other than the operator on mopeds under 50cc.

15. Will it rain during my reservation?

Probably. This beautiful island boasts tropical rain forests, mountain ranges, deserts and beaches; rain showers are a common occurrence any time of year. It’s always warm though, enjoy getting soaked!

16. Can I wear flip flops (slippers)?

There is no mandatory footwear for riding mopeds. Closed toe shoes are recommended.

South Maui Fish Company

SouthMauiFishCo_Logo_TaglineWeb_200South maui fish



South Maui Fish Company offers Local caught Fresh Fish Fillets, Poke, and Ceviche! Come down and grab a poke bowl, grilled fish plate lunch, or pick up some fresh fish fillets to take home and grill! We have all the sides and seasonings you need to prepare and great fish dinner!

Come get some Fresh Fish Maui.




Oh my goodness, the simple food at Big Beach BBQ is so fresh, so perfectly seasoned, so delicious. Just let the “baked that morning” taro rolls melt in your mouth with succulent pulled pork and some pineapple slaw on the side. Yum. Or maybe a couple of Ono fish tacos with homemade Guava Lava hot sauce. Oh life is good! Track them down on your way to Big Beach.



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